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Band Statement. Fri 13th...
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<p>Band Statement. Fri 13th Nov '15:- "As you may have noticed things have been very quiet in the Kill It Kid camp recently, so we just wanted to let you all know what is going on. We are going to be taking an extended break from Kill It Kid, we don't exactly know when we will be back. We released our first EP back in 2008 and have since released three studio albums, of which we are incredibly proud. Being part of Kill It Kid has led us to some unimaginable places and allowed us to meet and work with some amazing people. We want to thank every single one of you (both fans and colleagues alike) for your support, dedication and encouragement. Your belief has meant the world to us. This has been an incredibly special journey and a humbling experience. You can find us all individually on social media, so please keep in touch and look after yourselves. All our love, Chris, Steph, Marc & Dom - Kill It Kid"</p>
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